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Is Park Nima (KW7142) The Hottest Korean Webcam Girl Ever?

Park Nima reached international fame in 2011 when her videos went viral on Youtube and Dailymotion. Fans from around the world have been feverishly searching for sexy new webcam shows and video downloads ever since. At one point in 2012, Park Nima became so popular that she caused 3 outages and broke the Internet for the entire South East Asian market. At first this was thought to have been caused by a wild flock of roving billy goats that chewed through fiber optic cables carrying data through Guangdong Province, but now we know the real cause was a bandwidth mega-spike when millions of users logged in to see Park Nima naked after dancing in a skimpy white nurses outfit.

Until now, not much has been known of Park Nima, since no one has ever seen her outside of her cam show appearances, which she makes in her bedroom. This has led to wild speculation that she is something beyond human, perhaps an immortal goddess. Or maybe it’s that no one who has seen her has lived to tell about it, because seeing her in real life would cause such a massive erection it would immediately trigger an aneurysm.

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