Who is Park Nima?



Her name is Park Nima, and there’s a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. When she winks, hearts across the world skip a beat. She dances in her girlish room, an immaculate backdrop that sets the tone for hours of sensual indulgence. Her innocent appearance is juxtaposed with the erotic motions of her lithe body. She is captivating and real in the way that professional strippers and adult actresses are not. She is raw, unfiltered, like a premium hand-rolled cigar from Havana.

Park Nima exudes a soft confidence, a mystique that has drawn in more than a million views across this spinning ball of dirt we call Planet Earth. Time slips away when you watch her dance. When you watch her squirm, it’s like nothing else matters. Your problems. Your stresses. They fade away. Your mind, your focus, your attention–soothed as each mental element is pointed at her pale, gyrating torso. She makes you feel like she’s doing it all for you. Like it’s a private show, a naughty secret between just the two of you.


Yes, she looks like an innocent school girl, but she’s all business. She knows her time is valuable. But she doesn’t make you feel like she’s watching the clock, even when she is. She knows that every motion, every flirtatious word and wink has to maximize the effect she gives to her audience. Little Miss Park Nima was and still is a pioneer in the new world of Korean webcam performers. She is the Jenna Jameson of the short clip cam tease genre, the Paris Hilton of surreal self-filmed reality internet video.

Who is she, really? Well, you’re about to find out every little juicy detail from head to toe.

The first thing you should know about Park Nima is that she’s an elusive unicorn. She is not easily found and continues to keep a very low profile. Some internet theorists have even suggested that she may be the daughter of a high-ranking South Korean official. You can just imagine the public scandal that would unfold if such a secret were to become public. Asians and Koreans in particular do not want to “lose face”. Others like myself think that she has quit because she’s a rich, young mistress now, and has enough cash stashed to leave the webcam game forever. Either way, it looks like the supply of PN videos has gone from torrential to a dry cough—which is both good and bad news. I’ll let you know why in a sec. Patience is a virtue.

For now, let’s delve into more facts about Mistress Park.


She is at least 18 years old at the time of her first video release, and is South Korean. By the looks of her posh home furnishing, Nima lives in either Seoul or Busan. Most likely she attended college, and comes from an upper-middle class family. Her desire to “act out” and make “extra lunch money” through her casual webcam appearances thus springs from a psychological need to rebel against her bland, comfortable upbringing. Her rebellious tease allowed her to discover an identity and to release an inner sexuality that was perhaps suppressed whilst growing up in a traditional Korean household. Another observation is that she enjoys smoking and has at least one tattoo. These facts further support the conclusion that she is indeed a very naughty minx.

Her original videos were streamed live on winkTV, a popular Korean video portal. Streaming under the screen name ‘KW7142’, she is also known as 朴妮唛 in Chinese. Her fans span across the globe, from Asia to America and Europe. And we continue to wait with bated breath for her triumph return.

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January 23, 2016