Smooth Vibrations

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And then you see her.
She makes you realize you haven’t.
That you were arrogant, and you had only scratched the surface.
No, not even that. You merely caught a whiff of a stale shaving.
And you thought you had seen the big picture.

I’ve been to some places. But I’ve only seen less than 2% of the world.
Here’s the thing: there’s infinitely more that you don’t know compared to what you think you know.

And most of what you think you know is probably wrong.

Take for example this hot cutie right here. She dances like Park Nima. Makes similar motions with her bare, supple body. She exudes a similar sensual femininity. But she’s not Park Nima. She might not even be Korean. You might try to guess her ethnicity and because she’s an enigma, a digital tease, you’ll be wrong.

So let go of all these categories and labels. Let go of knowing. What you think you know: it’s close to 0% of what’s actually out there. What you think you know is probably wrong. Let go of knowing. Let go of talking. Let go of thinking.

Submit to the beauty and mystery of the Universe. Enjoy the sublime.

Here’s a new video we’re sharing with you. We christen it “Smooth Vibrations” because: who cares. You don’t need to know her name or where she’s from. Those trivial details don’t matter.

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