Park Nima Originals

Do you thirst for the Park Nima of old? Are you “hard up” to see the Korean Webcam sensation that started a storm of not-so-look-a-likes and spam peddlers hawking her likeness in the same, lame batch of over-circulated clit-clips circa 2012? Well here are some remixes that will have you blowing creme all over your screens.  Haven’t had enough Park Nima videos? Get the full Park Nima Original Collection and own over 15 hours of Park Nima downloads for max pleasure.

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Park Nima Downloads

Tight, young and full of energy, Park Nima aims to please. And she knows how to tease. This cute Korean girl doesn’t look a day over 18 but she’s got the moves of a seasoned dancer. See her prance around her girly room and you’ll understand why she is known worldwide as the number one …Read more »

Park Nima Takes Romantic Bubble Bath

Park Nima in a Nurse Costume Proves She’s the Hot Korean Girl

Park Nima is the original “hot Korean girl”. What stands out about her most is the fact that she has that quintessential Korean girl face. When you look at her you can instantly tell she’s not Japanese, Chinese or any other “-ese” for that matter. She is the pinnacle of “Korean hottie” goodness that would …Read more »

Show Me Yours: Park Nima is No Ordinary Korean Girl

The supernatural hotness of Park Nima gives us hope in humanity, specifically a unification of North and South Korea. But let’s set aside politics and focus on the raw sweetness of this tease video. She’s got cat ears on, yes, and a skimpy little feline outfit as well. Miss Park knows how to tantalize her …Read more »